World Language
Students receive instruction in the foundations of Spanish language and grammar through listening, reading, writing and speaking, while also developing an understanding of the cultural context in which the language is spoken. Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 are offered.

Fine Arts
We believe that exposure to the arts is a critical component of our students’ education. The NBJ fine arts department includes visual arts and music; students receive instruction in theory as well as in basic principles that they apply to project-based assessments. Music instruction in our state-of-the-art Macintosh Lab includes exposure to the principles of sound recording, editing and production.

Physical Education/Health
The physical education program endeavors to empower students with the knowledge and skills to live healthy lives through physical activities and positive choices. Students learn the fundamentals of group and individual sports, along with sportsmanship, positive competition and collaboration. Drivers education is also offered to students seeking to complete their high school diplomas at NBJ.

Computer Technology
The computer technology curriculum introduces students to the technology skills needed to succeed in a 21st century society. Students also learn about the variety of professional opportunities available in fields that employ computer technology.

The Nancy B. Jefferson Library houses a collection of 7,000 books, plus an array of audio/visual and online resources. Students visit the library on a bi-weekly basis and receive instruction that supports a continuum of literacy skills, from reading to online research. Students also have an opportunity to borrow books for independent reading.


Students receive math instruction from a blended curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards and the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards, targeting skill areas identified through STAR testing. Instructional delivery merges hands-on learning experiences with technology to engage all learning styles. Courses offered include Algebra 1, Geometry with an Algebraic Approach, and Compass online classes.

Social Science
The social science department aligns with Social Studies 3.0, the CPS content area framework, while providing a systematic approach to World Studies, Geography, African American History, and U.S. History. Differentiated literacy and writing strategies are utilized to re-engage students in academic processes.

English Language Arts
English language arts classes are aligned to the CPS Literacy Content Framework and to Common Core State Standards. NBJ offers English 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as reading workshop for our students who are pursuing an 8th grade diploma.  Our instructional focus is on developing the rigorous critical thinkers who are successful readers, writers, students, and citizens.

The Science department at NBJ strives to bring innovation and creativity to our instruction in biology and physical sciences. Students learn how to apply scientific thinking to a broad range of inquiry through the application of the scientific method. Instruction is directly aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School offers a comprehensive academic curriculum that engages students in coursework towards fulfillment of graduation and diploma requirements. (Click here to see CPS high school graduation requirements.) 

Special Education
All core area classes have a special education teacher working in collaboration with the content area teacher. Students who currently receive or require special education services work with a case manager and a learning specialist to ensure that they receive the services and modifications necessary to be successful in the classroom.

Counseling & Support Services
Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School offers a full range of support services, with a professional counselor, case manager, social worker, psychologist and nurse on staff, and additional services available to students as needed. These service providers work directly with students, as well as with administration and teachers, to ensure that students have the supports needed to succeed in school.

NBJ also provides a comprehensive array of support services to e ensure that the needs of each student are met while they are here, and that every student is prepared to continued their education after leaving NBJ.

Support Services

Transition Assistance
Students at Nancy B. Jefferson school work with a transition specialist to plan for their enrollment at another school upon their departure from Nancy B. Jefferson. These transition specialists continue to work with students throughout the transfer period and beyond, as they settle into their destination school.

Credit Recovery

For students who are nearing graduation but missing a few classes, Nancy B. Jefferson offers after school credit recovery classes.